NEXGEN specializes in designing and building computing systems for enterprise and government customers. Our award-winning appliances offer best-in-class performance while remaining energy efficient, quiet, and reliable. Our current lineup “The AURORAxmp Series”, consists of three models;  100, 300 and 400. Our systems offer unparalleled speed and reliability. Backed by complete responsive support, our expert team consists of the same techs who assembled the AURORA lineup. This ensures you receive a true expert to answer any questions about your system. Whatever your needs may be, choose the industry-leading AURORAxmp series and reach new performance heights.


300 Series Workstations

RM400 Series Servers

Mobile Series Workstations

The Series 100, 300 and RM300 appliances have now been updated to revision MarkII.  Offering everything in a single complete package of enhanced reliability and performance. We stand behind our products and continue to improve and innovate our line-up. We stay current with new and existing trends and technology, our team is dedicated to providing a technological advantage that is second to none. Contact NEXGEN today for a complimentary consultation.