AURORAxmp 300 Series

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The AURORAxmp 300 Series offers our most powerful configurations for Modeling, Forecasting, and CAD design. This ultra quiet workstation features support for overclocked processors and three full length professional GPUs. Configurable with up to 18 Intel Xeon processors cores (36 Threads) and 128GB of RAM The 300 Series is the most powerful workstation that can tear through rendering, Modeling and simulation tasks with ease.



The 300 Series is the world’s fastest AURORAxmp x86 workstation on the market. When you absolutely have to load up a system with expansion cards, hard drives, memory, and CPU cores, we can make it happen. When other vendors come up short, NexGen comes on strong. No matter your workflow, the 300 Series can be customized to accommodate. Featuring ultra fast Intel® Xeon® v3 processors for up to 18 cores (36 threads), and numerous expansion slots, Modeling run times that were never before possible are now a reality.

This quiet and powerful workstation is ideal for:

Professionals looking to maximize their budget
Multi-threaded applications
Complex Data Modeling
3D animation, modeling, and CAD design
2D image processing

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Ultra Silent Acoustically Tuned Chassis


CD/DVD/R/W SATA 6GBps Optical Drive


AI Digitally Managed Whisper Quiet Power Supply


Multi Monitor Zero Noise Graphics Card


High Performance Acoustically Efficient Cooling System (Optional Liquid Cooling)


(40-45) DBA @ 1m

AURORAxmp Benchmark

6.5 Minutes