Our Approach

Whether you’re looking for a desktop or a laptop, our approach is always the same. Personal consultation, expert customization, unmatched testing, and world class support. We carry a wide range of brands from Asus to Windows. Our inventory is updated regularly, and even includes re-certified laptops to fit your budget.For each of our custom laptops, we start with what is called a “bare bones” notebook. This is a basic chassis with the screen, keyboard, touch pad, and motherboard. We consult with each customer to find the perfect white book to start from, and then help to find the right options. This leads to a custom laptop that is incredibly reliable and perfectly tuned to fit your exact needs.

Size & Selection

When choosing a laptop or “notebook”, one of the key things to consider is the size. Exact dimensions of individual models will vary, but they can generally be grouped by the size of their screen. 17-inch and larger models are usually intended as desktop replacements. These units are appropriate where some level of portability is needed, but are not ideal for using on the go. The 15-inch models often have similar specs to their larger counterparts and offer a nice balance between speed and mobility. Smaller laptops, in the 12 to 13-inch range, tend to have very limited hardware options but offer lower weight. More Ideal for working professionals on the go.

Performance & Battery Life

If you are seeking a laptop that will mostly be plugged in and is more of a portable desktop, then battery life may not be a big factor in the decision making process. However, those who need to use their computer while traveling or in places where electrical outlets are not readily available will be much more concerned about how long the computer can be used on a single charge.

For example, typing a document uses far less power than watching a streaming video, which in turn is less demanding than playing a graphics intensive PC game. Brainstorming your needs ahead of time can help ensure that you get a system with which you will be pleased.